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    Because the majority of our clients are elderly and require our services we get asked a lot about incontinence care and incontinence care products.   If you are interested in learning more about providing incontinent care you can receive complimentary access to our Family Learning Center here and look into the toileting and elimination and skin care for some free training.   For incontinence care products we have found the tranquility products to be superior to most store bought brands and can be more affordable.  We refer our clients to Comfort Plus for these products.  In addition to being great products they can ship directly to your door so it can save you from some of the embarrassment of buying these products at the store.  You can ask for Jolene Capparelle at Comfort Plus and she can walk you through all of the different products so that you or your loved one can be comfortable during the day and night.   It’s really amazing what a difference it makes in comfort to have the right incontinence product.

    As always, if you or your loved one needs adultcare assistance, contact us to set up your complimentary in home assessment with one of our Care Plan Specialist.

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