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As we age, it becomes increasingly difficult to accomplish the day-to-day tasks necessary for independent living. Common ailments like neuropathy and arthritis cause mobility problems. Vision and hearing issues make driving impossible for many seniors. And for others, dementia transforms the world into an impassable maze. But a growing number of older Americans have watched their own parents live out their final years in an institutional setting and now want to live independently for as long as possible. So how do we take care of older people who may need a little help living on their own but don’t want or aren’t ready for assisted living? Home care is designed to bridge that gap.

Home care brings certified nursing assistants (CNA’s) and trained caregivers into a client’s home to provide help with the non medical tasks we all take for granted. And these services – provided over the short or long term – can help many seniors live in their own homes for longer.

How is Home Care Administered?

Home care providers focus on the day-to-day tasks required for independent living. These could include bathing, dressing, and personal hygiene chores. Menu planning, cooking, and grocery shopping. Or even light housekeeping and laundry. Caregivers can also help with complex tasks like medication reminders and tracking, or they can provide simple companionship. Their underlying goal is to improve their client’s quality-of-life by helping accomplish the important tasks they can no longer do themselves.

Home care is a particularly powerful tool because it can be customized for the exact needs of every client. And because the care occurs on a one-on-one basis, there’s always room to adjust the level of care as the client’s needs change.

Who Uses Home Care?

Home care is typically used on an ongoing basis. This could occur for as little as a few hours a week or as often as every single day. The extra assistance caregivers offer allows seniors to delay a move into assisted living and live independently for longer.

Home care can also be beneficial for seniors who are normally very independent but need short-term help while recovering from an injury or surgical procedure. In this scenario, short-term home care allows the senior to focus on their recovery without the normal household chores piling up. And once the senior’s recovered, they can return to their independent lives.

In some instances, home care services can also be used as respite care for a family caregiver. This intermittent care gives family members the opportunity to relax and recharge or run the errands that get overlooked while they’re busy with their own caregiving duties. In any instance, home care serves the unique needs of seniors very well.

Is Home Care Expensive?

While the idea of employing a home care aide may sound expensive, it’s really quite affordable compared to the cost of skilled nursing or assisted living facilities. In fact, residential facilities could cost the average senior tens of thousands of dollars more than the cost of regular in home care.

Tempe Seniors Choose Generations Home Care, LLC

If you’re a Tempe, Arizona resident who believes they could benefit from home care, Generations Home Care, LLC is here to help. Our skilled CNA’s and trained caregivers serve Tempe seniors so they can live in their own homes for longer.

We begin by creating a custom care plan using input we collect from the client and the client’s family. Each plan is tailored to fit the client’s unique needs and financial capacity. Once the care plan is completed, we’ll then hand-select a caregiver we believe will fit best with the client’s needs and personality. Then we all work together to make sure the plan is followed so that our client’s can live with increased quality-of-life and the comfort in knowing their needs will be attended to.

Contact Us for More Information

If you’d like to learn more about our Tempe home care services, contact us today by phone at 602-595-HOME (4663) or by email. We can answer most questions over the phone and even provide quick service quotes. We know that once you experience our home care services, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them.

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