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Winter Wellness Tips for Seniors | Generations Home Care
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    indoor yoga is a fantastic winter wellness activity

    The winter season can present challenges for people of all ages, but seniors may especially struggle. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and a post-holidays emotional crash can all present potential roadblocks for seniors who want to live life to the fullest. Rather than falling into a winter slump, here are some tips and activities seniors can use to focus on wellness all winter long. 

    Take Advantage of Our Milder Climate

    For seniors in more northern states, winter weather can present serious hazards. Ice, snow, and rain can all increase the danger of slips and falls, and create the need for physically demanding winter maintenance. 

    Luckily, our winters are much milder in Arizona. The greatest measurable snowfall was a single inch back in 1937; for the most part, the temperatures don’t dip below the 40s. For this reason, the wintertime can be a great time to get outside and explore the outdoors. Walking is a great way to stay healthy during the wintertime. 

    Keep in Touch With Loved Ones

    For many people, the holidays are a time for family visits, playing with grandchildren, and seeing loved ones who spend much of the year apart. But in the aftermath of spending more time with family, many seniors can experience a post-holiday emotional crash. When loved ones travel home or return to their busy jobs and schedules, seniors can feel the effects of isolation even more keenly. 

    This makes it even more critical for seniors to actively pursue social time this winter. Scheduling a regular video or phone call with family for the coming year is a great way to stay connected. In addition, scheduling time to see friends can help relieve feelings of loneliness after family visits are over. 

    Try Something New

    The early months of the new year can be a great time to experiment with new wellness activities. Did you know that trying out an artistic hobby can help keep your mind sharp and reduce your chance of dementia? Hobbies can help improve your memory, too. Consider signing up for a new class, trying a new craft, or picking up some puzzles. It’s a great time to stay cozy indoors during the chilly nights and mornings.

    Eat Healthy Foods

    Many people start rethinking their eating habits as a New Year’s resolution. For Healthy Weight Week in January, seniors may be considering whether their dietary habits are helping maintain their wellness. Continuing to eat fresh, seasonal produce in the winter can be challenging, but it’s an integral part of keeping your body and mind in top condition. Kale, brussels sprouts, carrots, and parsnips are all great winter vegetables to incorporate into your diet. Try roasting them with salt and olive oil, or making them into a hearty winter soup. 

    In-Home Caregivers Can Help

    The winter months can be a struggle for seniors. From isolation to exercise and eating healthy, staying on top of healthy habits can be challenging. If you or a loved one struggles to keep on top of winter wellness, an in-home caregiver can be a great resource. An in-home caregiver can help you with grocery shopping, picking out the best healthy winter vegetables, and preparing well-rounded meals. They can also cook for you, assist with meal planning, and take care of the clean-up afterward. Caregivers are an excellent way to prevent seniors from being isolated, especially in the months after the holidays. And of course, caregivers can also provide transportation to seniors who want to get to a class, event, or social gathering during the winter months. All in all, an in-home caregiver is an excellent partner for your winter wellness goals this year. 

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