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Mesa AZ Senior Home Care Service Provides Tips For In Home Care | Generations Home Care
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    Many seniors today value their independence and enjoy living on their own. In fact, it means a great deal to them. However, as people age they may have problems with mobility or hearing and this can make a house a dangerous place. Here are some helpful tips from your Mesa AZ senior home care company to help seniors have a safer and happier life.

    Any place there is water, the chance for falling increases. Make sure there are non slip rugs by bathtubs, showers, and in front of bathroom and kitchen sink areas. All stairs should have handrails, and it is a good idea to install a rail on each side of stairs for maximum safety and convenience.

    Make sure that you have adequate smoke detectors in your house. Every bedroom area should have a smoke detector just outside of the door. Also, older people are sometimes forgetful and may leave stove burners on, so keep a fire extinguisher in your kitchen at all times. Make certain your senior knows how to use it.

    Consider some kind of alarm or alert system in case your beloved family member falls and cannot summon assistance. These systems are not expensive and are simple to use. Also, make sure there are plenty of night lights in the house, especially the bathroom area.

    A cordless phone system in a house is nice to have, but you need a backup. If the power goes out cordless phones are useless until power is restored. Have a corded type phone installed in the house. Of course, this is not necessary if you rely on your cell phone for main use.

    Many seniors are enjoying time in their houses with family and friends. To help maintain independence, consider services from your Mesa AZ senior home care professionals. They provide valuable assistance with everyday tasks, household chores, errands, and companionship. These services can be one of your best investments.

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