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A person receiving home health care for dementia patients completes a puzzle on a white table.
Dementia is a disease that affects far more than just the person afflicted. When dementia strikes, family members must often come together to care for a person with unique and often challenging needs. Though many people opt for care at an assisted living facility, the benefits of providing in-home care for dementia patients make it […]
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An in-home caregiver helps support the emotional well-being of in-home care recipients
Staying independent is a top priority for seniors who want to make the most of their golden years. For some people, receiving in-home care can make the difference between living happily and comfortably at home, or needing to move into an assisted living facility where they will lose more of their independence. However, people who […]
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An in-home caregiver assisting and older women using a cane
The majority of seniors want to live in their own homes for as long as possible. However, many older people also face several barriers to maintaining their quality of life. Arthritis, isolation, dementia, and many other complaints can seriously impact a person’s ability to stay healthy and happy when living at home. That makes in-home […]
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