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Caregiving | 6/6 | Generations Home Care
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Are you taking care of an elderly parent? Maybe you clean their house from time-to-time, or take them grocery shopping once a week? Or maybe your parent’s moved in with you because they can’t live on their own any more? Well you’re certainly not alone. Many adult children are now taking on caregiving responsibilities for […]
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Caregiving, by its nature, often comes unexpectedly. An older family member falls suddenly ill or suffers a rapid cognitive decline and younger family members scramble to fill the care gaps. Studies show these kinds of care needs come most often for adults after the age of 80. As such, younger family members have a rough […]
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Dehydration is a real threat for older adults. It can lead to serious health risks such as urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and even death. In our last post we shared a few tips caregivers can use to spot the signs of dehydration in their patients. In this post we’ll offer a few strategies you can use for preventing […]
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Dehydration seems like a pretty benign health problem. You’re not drinking enough water so you start feeling thirsty or develop a headache. You then realize you might be dehydrated, drink a glass of water or two and the problem’s solved in no time, right? For most people this might be true, but for older adults it’s not […]
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 Strong People, Strong Emotions Christmas is just around the corner. Hopefully by now your shopping’s done and you can focus on enjoying the holidays with your loved ones. Unfortunately not everyone’s in this position. Instead, many experience the holiday season as nothing more then stress piled upon existing stress. This is especially true for caregivers who bear incredible responsibilities […]
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