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Aging in Place | Generations Home Care
Arizona Continuum of Care
Home Care Plays a Vital Role Continuum of Care is a concept involving a system that guides and tracks patients over time through a comprehensive array of health services spanning all levels and intensity of care. In-home care plays a vital role in the continuum of care by providing caregivers to assist with non-medical services like homemaking, medication reminders, […]
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Paying for Arizona Home Care
Older Americans who want to stay in their homes as they age will likely need help at some point. Because as we age, the simple, day-to-day tasks we take for granted often become very difficult. Many older Americans rely on family members for this kind of important, non-medical care. That’s not an option for everyone, […]
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Phoenix Arizona Aging
Last year The New York City Department for the Aging published a handy aging in place guide for residential building owners. The department published the document because – like much of the rest of the country –  the city’s population is aging rapidly, and many of its older residents report having ambulatory difficulty. To make […]
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senior couple house image
Aging in Place is Increasingly Popular In our last post we talked about Americans’ increasing interest in avoiding assisted living by staying in their chosen home as they get older, a concept called Aging in Place. Anticipating the physical changes that accompany aging and taking steps to address them is an important part of the process. In […]
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senior aging image
Cultural Changes Bring Lifestyle Changes In 2011, the first Baby Boomers turned 65, and over the next thirty years millions more will follow. Three years later, 46 million Americans were 65 or older, representing 14.5% of the overall population. According to Administration on Aging, by 2040 that number will jump to 98 million, or 21.7% […]
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