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September 2022 | Generations Home Care
two hands holding a red cloth heart symbolizing world heart day
Every year over 17 million people worldwide die from heart disease. And so, while we note on the calendar “International Happy Goose Day,” “National Biscotti Day,” and “Telephone Tuesday,” it seems that raising awareness through “World Heart Day” is well deserved. Since the year 2000, World Heart Day has made a tangible impact on citizens […]
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World Alzheimer's Day
September is World Alzheimer’s Month, which unites communities around the world in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease and other types of dementia. You’ll see an extended effort to reduce the fear, stigma, and unknowns surrounding this devastating brain disease through individual actions, community gatherings, medical facility programs, and government campaigns.  Many people still incorrectly believe […]
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two grandparents share a meal with their grandchild at the kitchen counter.
On the first Sunday after Labor Day, we come together to remember everything we appreciate about our grandparents. First celebrated in 1979, Grandparents’ Day has given people an occasion to make our family elders feel special and loved. After all, so many grandparents lavish their grandchildren with affection–it only makes sense that there’s a special […]
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