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July 2022 | Generations Home Care
    Treat every contact as a friend, every client as family, and every task as an honor
    Use F.A.S.T to spot the early symptoms of stroke
    It’s always a great time to learn the symptoms of a stroke because “time lost is brain lost.” When every second counts, people must act F.A.S.T when they spot the signs of stroke and summon help immediately.  Stroke, often known as a “brain attack,”  usually occurs when a blood clot gets stuck in a blood […]
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    An older women sitting on a bed suffering from joint pain in her knee
    Weekend warrior, home renovation, playing with the grandkids, we all overdo it sometimes and suffer joint pain for a day or two. However, for those dealing with arthritis, sore joints aren’t limiting activity for just a few days. Arthritis is one of the United States’ most widespread health conditions and impacts the lives of men, […]
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    An older man using a walker receiving after-surgery care from a in-home cargiver
    The road to recovery after surgery can be long and arduous. Depending on the procedure and the patient, it can take weeks or months to be fully independent after an operation. The key to a speedy and uncomplicated recovery is to practice good after-surgery care so your body can heal. By rearranging your home, preparing […]
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    gout attacks are on the rise among seniors
    Gout attacks, one of many forms of arthritis, used to be considered a “royal” disease, associated with kings like Henry VIII, who could afford rich diets full of meat, alcohol, and desserts. Nowadays, those three things are part of a typical American diet. So, while we may consider ourselves rich with food options, we also […]
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